Fringed Out Week-END

Lately I've been wanting to have fringe everything. I got this chain fringe trim Downtown months ago and never did anything with it, until now. I made 2 necklaces (1 short & 1 long) and they're pretty darn easy to make. 

Learn how to make these after the jump

Jewelry pliers
Wire cutters
Jump rings

1. Place 3 strands of chain on a jump ring. (Make 10 of these)
2. Determine how long or short you want the necklace to be.
3. Map out the placement of each jump ring.
           -I placed 2 in the middle, side by side, then placed 4 on both sides of that, gradually moving up                
            the necklace with each jump ring. 
4. For the short necklace, attach 2 jump rings & a clasp at the ends of the necklace. If you chose to make a long one, no clasp is needed. 
5. Use the wire cutter to cut the chain strands and create the slanted effect. 

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