Studded Denim

I love finding old things around the house and using them to create something awesome. I've been wanting to put studs on my clothes for the longest so I was SUPER stoked when I found this old belt in my closet. I studded some old denim to create this super quick look. 

Instructions after the jump
Sharp knife or Exacto knife (Just something pointy to puncture small holes in the shorts)
Studs (from an old item or can be purchased from a craft store)
Old pair of Bermuda shorts from high school

1. Start out with a pair of shorts or jeans.
2. If using jeans, cut them into shorts. Make sure to allocate an inch for the cuff.
3. Determine where you want you studs and the pattern you want.
4. Once you have the pattern push the pointy part of the studs through the jeans. Depending on the thickness of your denim the studs will go through pretty easily.
5. If the studs are hard to push through the denim, use the knife to put tiny holes where your stud will be placed.
6. Secure the studs on the inside of the denim.
7. Have fun wearing you new denim studded shorts!

**If you cut your jeans into shorts just pull some of the threads if you don't want it to look so perfect and after they're placed in the dryer they will fray! 

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